Products We Offer


Fine earthenware of the Y'uan, T'ang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties are representative of the variety at Cherry Hill. Vases, ginger jars, bowls, plates and figurines are just some of the items available in blue and white porcelain, color-glazed pottery or country ceramic ware.


Lotus shoes, collars, belts, wallets and Chinese children's hats are some of the delicately embroidered and unique items to be found at Cherry Hill. Some embroideries have the sought after the 'forbidden stitch'. Lotus shoes are from Sanxi, Beijing and Shanghai; the child's hat, in the form of a tiger, could represents the child's birth year on the Chinese horoscope.


Functional wedding and sewing baskets in bamboo and lacquer; wooden water buckets; whimsical and artistic snuff bottles; teapots in myriad shapes and materials; wall-mounted chopstick holders and wooden cooking molds are just some of the collectibles you will find at Cherry Hill Antiques.


Handmade, Chinese ethnic-style jewelry features Chinese knotting with a combination of silver, old and new jade, coral, lapis or cloisonne beads. Jeweled stones from old items, such as hairpins, and Qing dynasty jade peonies are unique features on some of the necklaces made by Lichiao Upham. Lichiao will also help you design and make your custom necklace.


The art of Chinese calligraphy features a variety of historic styles. Choose from among a master calligrapher's original poems or request your own verse be written on a wall scroll.

Wood Carvings

Cherry Hill is noted for the variety of wood carvings on offer - lattice work windows and doors, panel boards and brackets from the architectural framework of homes and temples, and carved lions and fu dogs. Swatow wood carvings, which have a red lacquer base with an application of gold leaf, are three dimensional and carved more thickly for a see-through effect. Dong Yang wood carvings are more flat and retain their original wood color.

Stone Carvings and Bronze Statues

Life-size temple figures, small figurines and Buddha stone carvings, bronze fu dogs, incense burners and elegant figurines are inspiration for outdoor or indoor decoration.


A diversity of late Ming and Qing antique and quality reproduction furniture is available at Cherry Hill Antiques, such as Shanxi furniture in elm and walnut; chicken feather and red lacquer wood of the Qing period; Chinese country-style furniture; hand-carved door or window panel screens; and unique pieces such as coffer and scroll tables adorned with mythical motifs.